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Ireland’s wildlife is under immense pressure, right across the country, with ever fewer places to call home.


But hope is not lost. BirdWatch Ireland looks after nineteen precious nature reserves spread throughout the country.


These reserves contain a diverse array of habitats, from lakes to saltmarshes and grasslands through to woods and rocky islands. They host an astonishing array of wildlife, including many seriously threatened breeding and wintering birds.


As pressure on natural habitats increases, our reserve network ensures that some land in Ireland is managed in the interests of threatened birds, habitats and wider wildlife. As well as providing safe havens for nature, our reserves offer the perfect environment for visitors to escape the pressures of modern life and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of these inspiring landscapes.


Your nature reserves need your help. So do the many important bird species found on them. That’s why we are urgently asking you to donate to this Nature Reserve Appeal.




• See wildlife thrive at our East Coast Nature Reserve in Co. Wicklow

Wetlands are disappearing: not just ponds, but the water within the soil. These losses have a direct effect on us and our wildlife in many ways – for example by allowing certain plants to dominate, causing wildlife to decline and restricting visitor enjoyment. With your help we plan to raise the water levels in key areas of the East Coast Nature Reserve and keep the grassland and woodland glades open, so improving the conditions for breeding birds, as well as an array of orchids, butterflies, otters and other wildlife.


• Safeguard an unforgettable experience at our Rogerstown Reserve in Co. Dublin

The ‘mud glorious mud’ associated with our estuaries provides a vital dinner table for many birds, particularly those that make the long journey to spend the winter with us. From our North Hide at Rogerstown as the tide slowly rises, with throngs of feeding and roosting birds within close range, visitors can witness an unforgettable spectacle. Faced with the threat of rising tides, we need your help to improve our ability to continue offering this amazing sight.


• Move forward with plans at our new Kilcolman Nature Reserve in Co. Cork
Newly acquired, this fabulous reserve provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to develop both a first-class educational and eco-tourism facility, and a much needed home for wildlife. We need your help now to start us on that road! With your support we can focus on improving the existing viewing facilities at the reserve and maximise its potential for nature.


• Encourage wildlife at our Sheskinmore Lough Reserve in Co. Donegal
Wet grasslands are important for many different birds, none more so than the iconic Lapwing a species that has disappeared as a breeding bird from so much of the Irish countryside. We have secured the Sheskinmore area from ground predators, and this has resulted in benefits to breeding Lapwings. Now with your support, we can look to further improve the grasslands on our reserve in the hope of further increases, and added benefits to a flourishing array of other wildlife.


Appeal Target : €50,000


Please Act Now…

We need to raise €50,000 to put in place this vital programme of works. Your gift of €500, €250, €100, €50, €25, €10 or even €5 – is vital to help us safeguard Ireland’s most precious reserves as safe havens for birds and other wildlife, as well as areas for you to explore, learn and enjoy.
Your donation will ensure we can start to undertake essential improvements at BirdWatch Ireland’s nature reserves before the start of the 2018 nesting season, as well as help to ensure their future. Together we can make a real difference.


All of us at BirdWatch Ireland would like to thank you for your support.

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